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Long Island City Pepsi Sign Becomes a Designated Landmark

Long Island City Pepsi Sign Becomes a Designated Landmark


An Iconic tribute to history was recently saved when the Landmarks Preservation Commission designated the Queens-based Pepsi-Cola sign a landmark. The monumental sign, sitting high above the streets of Long Island City, lends value and a sense of pride to its surrounding community.  The pre-war sign built in 1936 is a time honored symbol of New York’s Architecture  and will now continue to be looked upon by both tourists and New Yorkers alike.


The LPC also recognized a few other historic places as city landmarks. A recent article in The Real Deal highlighted other famous spaces that were also designated including  the Bergdorf Goodman building at 754 Fifth Avenue and the Harlem Branch of the YMCA on West 135th Street.

While infrastructure upgrades continue to boom across the five boroughs, let’s take time to reflect on what makes the city great and how we can move forward without forgetting about buildings and landmarks that will inspire future generations of builders and architects.


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