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Long Island Construction: The Case for change in Suffolk and Nassau

Steven Vornea


Long Island is home to city dwellers, executives and celebrities. The potential boom in commercial real estate has become a hot topic in recent years. Specifications on building height and multifamily building has CRE industry insiders concerned about the landscape of the borough and maintaining its suburban-like atmosphere.


A recent article in The Real Deal speaks to the pros and cons. Progress is needed on Long Island, but how much is too much? How little is too little? Main concerns go to Nassau and Suffolk, areas struggling to attract younger generations. There’s a huge concern over becoming the next Queens. Long Island City, sitting at the border of Queens and Manhattan, has large scale office buildings and taller apartments mixed throughout, giving it a less suburban appeal. The conversation keeps going with more talk and less compromise. Progress must happen, but not at the cost of the integrity of Long Island.

Hopefully solutions can be found and future generations can enjoy all that Long Island has to offer.

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