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There’s an Amazing New Addition to NYC’s High Line Park

Steven Vornea High Line

Prismatic_NYC, an architectural piece which responds to weather conditions has been installed in the ceiling of a walkway that stretches over the High Line park. Although it isn’t open to the public, this inspiring work can be seen publicly from Little W 12th St up to 20th St. Made up of 66 individual prisms embedded in the ceiling, each rotates 120 degrees, responding to informational data on the weather, moon-phases, the Hudson tide and calendar. Manhattan firm Interior Architects teamed up with Bill Galusha and Hyphen-Labs to produce this spectacular addition to the Manhattan skyline. This work joins several large scale murals, video and site specific works including Spencer Finch’s “The River That Flows Both Ways,” located in the Chelsea Market Passage.

Joshua David and Robert Hammond founded the Friends of the High Line in 1999 and have been working tirelessly ever since to transform the city’s disused train passage into a public space. They broke ground in April 2006 and in June 2009 Section 1 opened followed by Section 2 in 2011 and Section 3 in 2014. Years of planning and public input has resulted in an above ground landscape incorporating inventive architecture and visually stunning plant design. Now, the Highline is maintained using sustainable practices and can be enjoyed throughout the year.

To see Prismatic_NYC in its full glory, take a look at this video courtesy of Hyphen-Lab.

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