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Why I’m Involved with Campus Evolution Villages, Real Estate Focused on the Future

Going to college and planning for the future is a rite of passage. It’s that proud moment when mothers and fathers watch the next generation move on into adulthood. Inflation, the job market and interest rates can sometimes make the rite of passage a tough heavy financial sacrifice. I’m involved with the Campus Evolution Villages project to help transform quality housing into a lifestyle that parents and working students can’t afford to pass up. 


Millennials want to compete, study and live in a great property with space and amenities. Campus Evolution is true to its name. The development is the future of real estate near college campus locations across the country in emerging diverse areas. Students should have a lifestyle that promotes living a great life while they study. A fully furnished tech-friendly apartment built into a community of like-minded students will accommodate that.

This development sets a new standard in the real estate world for commercial and residential development. Millennials need a place to dwell where they can succeed and grow. There’s so much potential to upgrade real estate and transform its use from the traditional college housing standards. My hope for the future is that this type of building will continue to grow.

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